Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I've Gone Mad for NARS Blush in Madly!

Feeling a little tired of my usual peachy-pink cheek picks, I went on the hunt a few weeks ago for a more bronzed, natural-looking alternative. I have heard murmurings here and there about how underrated NARS Blush in Madly was, so I thought I would check it out for myself. Ladies, you need this blush in your collection. If bronzed, glowing and sculpted cheeks are what you after, this is the one-stop wonder for you. Just a few swipes of this sheer, yet buildable rose-bronze shade illuminates my skin and sculpts my round face like nothing I have ever used. The first day I wore this, I not only had a coworker tell me I looked tan but even my boyfriend mentioned that I looked like I had gotten a bit of color. And let me say, that is a feat for my otherwise ghostly complexion!

NARS describes Madly as a "soft-focus seashell pink" which in truth, I just don't see. On my skin tone (neutral, fair) is comes across as a warm bronze with hints of rose. There is a slight silver-toned shimmer running through the powder that once applied is hardly noticeable except for the gorgeous luminosity it adds to the skin.

The wear time on this blush is fantastic as well. I apply it in the morning before running off to work, and it lasts on my combo skin through an entire day in the office with hardly any fading or patchiness. I have found that with other NARS blushes such as peachy-pink Deep Throat, I have to touch up by mid day, but that is not the case with Madly.

Many have compared Madly with Luster, another NARS blush I own and love. As you can see in the photo below Madly (on the left) is a much more neutral rose-toned color, whereas Luster (on the right) is true to its description as a "sheer golden apricot". I prefer to wear Luster in the Summer months, with golden and bronze-toned eye looks. Madly has a neutral, slightly silver sheen to it, while Luster is much warmer with a strong golden sheen.

NARS Madly swatched on the left, Luster swatched on the right. 

Please check out my Cozy Autumn look to see Madly in action!  

What are your thoughts on NARS Madly? Do you have any cheeks products that are a go-to when you want sculpted, natural looking cheeks?

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! xx



  1. This is beautiful! I wish there were more blushes in these shades available at the drugstore! xoxo

    1. I agree! This one is worth it though ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Hope you give this one a try xx

  3. I am a big NARS blush girl!! ♥ I love all their colors and am MADLY in love with each!! WishI can hoard all of them!

    BTW new follower here! Cant believe i only stumbled on your blog now. I love your reviews on makeup and the products you feature i can relate to!! ♥ def a fave blogger! Keep reviewing!

    1. Thanks for your comment Shari! You are such a sweetheart! xx

  4. I love this color. Your blog is really lovely xx


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