Friday, March 15, 2013

Illamasqua Nail Polish in Speckle

Happy Friday!! Hope you all have some fun plans for this weekend! Today I just wanted to share a few pictures of a new nail polish I've been wearing this past week, Illamasqua's Nail Polish in Speckle. 

The speckled nail polishes are part of the Spring 2013 collection from Illamasqua called I'mperfection. I love the idea behind this collection- a celebration of all the features that make us perfectly imperfect! Everyone and their mother in the beauty community has been all abuzz about these offerings, and it's not difficult to see why! 

The speckled nail polishes are a cream opaque formula, interspersed with various sizes of matte glitter particles. The formula is innovative and trendy, yet still wearable. I adore that from afar it appears as though I am wearing a lilac nail polish and not until you are up close do you notice the interesting texture. 

Although Speckle was fairly opaque in 2 coats, I opted to wear a sheer layer of Essie's Lilacism underneath for some added opacity. 

So far the wear time on this polish is fantastic. I did my manicure Saturday morning and it's still going strong with hardly any wear or chips.

What do you think of the new speckled nail polishes from Illamasqua? Perfect for Spring or just another fad?

Thanks for reading! xx

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rediscovered: Stila Gerbera & MAC Sable

Hello lovelies! I've decided to start a new series on my blog highlighting the products that I rediscover from time to time in my makeup collection. My stash of products is admittedly quite extensive and I tend to get into makeup ruts and neglect products. So, in an attempt to make better use of the collection I have (and stop spending so much money on more makeup) I am going to try to rekindle my love for some of my forgotten beauties.

Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera is a soft peach shade that is super flattering on fair to light skin tones. Unfortunately, this cute little compact has been sitting unloved in my makeup drawers for the past at least 12 months, since I purchased it. Despite how beautiful the color is, I was just never able to get into using it on a regular basis because of the application, or lack thereof I should say. I originally applied this using my fingers which just didn't work. I found it difficult to blend and would end up with patchy, uneven color distribution. That was all until a week ago when I whipped this baby out for my Peaches and Cream post and gave it a try with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. Finally I understood what all the fuss was about with these Convertible Colors! The Expert Face Brush made application effortless and left a flawless, beautifully diffused finish. I am in love with this blush now and it is the only blush to grace my cheeks for the past week. Applied properly, Gerbera leaves a dewy (but not sticky) finish on the cheeks that makes you look youthful and well rested. It also has incredible staying powder for a cream blush. Because of the luminous finish, I like to apply this blush higher on the cheekbones to act as a very subtle highlight as well. Give this one a try ladies, you won't be sorry!

Now on to the eyes! On a whim I decided last week to pull out my MAC eyeshadow palette. I was inspired by this video from the beautiful Lucy Garrick on youtube to whip out my MAC Sable Eyeshadow (a shimmering plum-toned medium brown), another long-forgotten favorite. I buffed Sable across the eyelid and under the lower lashline, with a little naked lunch in the inner third of the eye and a bit of MUFE Aqua Eyes Eyeliner in 2L on the lashlines. Let me tell you, I could not believe what this did for my green eyes! The first day I wore this look, even one of my coworkers commented asking if I had done something different with my makeup. If you are looking for a sophisticated yet feminine eye look that will make green or hazel eyes pop, look no further! The plum tones in Sable contrast with green eyes and create a gorgeous effect.

So there you have it, my rediscovered makeup look, fresh for Spring! Are there any makeup products you have neglected that you plan on using again?

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Skin Care Haul

Spring is almost here! And what that means is no longer hiding behind a) layers of clothes and b) layers of makeup. In preparation for the warmer months ahead, I took a trip to my local Sephora to stock up on some old favorites as well as some new goodies to make sure my skin is in tip-top condition for Spring!

REN Mayblossom T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel
For starters, I've noticed that the REN Skin Care line has been getting lots of praise in the beauty world lately. I may or may not have mentioned, but ever since I went off of the birth control pill my normally combination skin has taken a nose-dive into seriously oily territory. I have been on the hunt for an oil-controlling cleanser to use in the mornings. The REN Mayblossom T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel got great reviews on, so I'm going to give it a shot! I especially appreciate that it is free of all the baddies like parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances. You can purchase this here

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer
Ever in search of that elusive glow, I also picked up the Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer. I was watching a video from Kate from ghostparties who has amazing skin and mentioned that she uses this, so I was sold! This serum is meant to be used under your moisturizer to gently exfoliate, even skin tone and lighten any discolorations. If I can get my skin to look even half as luminous as Kate's, I'll be a happy lady! You can purchase this here.

Kate Somerville Nourish Daily Moisturizer
Kate Somerville's Nourish Daily Moisturizer was a repurchase. This moisturizer has been my holy-grail night cream for the past few months. It is lightweight, intensely moisturizing and just lovely on my sensitive skin. I even converted my boyfriend to using this and he loves it as well! You can purchase this here.

Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector SPF 42
The Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector was another repurchase. This is hands-down the best sunscreen I have found on the market. It feels like you have nothing on the skin. For a full review, click here.You can purchase this here.

I would love to know how you are getting your skin Spring-ready! Please let me know what your holy grail skin products are.

Thanks for reading!