Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nail Fall's Jewel-Toned Mani Trend with Essie Go Overboard

Ever since I saw the promo pictures for the new Andy Warhol collection from NARS, I knew I had to get my mitts on the gorgeous dark teal cream nail polish named Superstar. I generally go for vampy red nails in the fall, but I felt teal would be low-commitment way to test the waters of jewel-toned Fall nails. So off to my nearest Sephora I ran, only to be disappointed when I arrived and discovered they were sold out. Not a big deal I thought. So the next day I went to the other Sephora a town over. Sold out as well. Ok, I'll order it from Sephora online. Nope, "not in stock" it said on the website above the color. Thinking my love affair with this dark teal cream nail polish was fated to never happen, I gave in and figured if it ever came back in stock I would pick it up.

This was all until this past weekend when I was perusing the ails of my local Target (needed to pick up another Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer) and came across this little gem. Essie's Go Overboard nail polish, in my humble opinion, is a pretty near dupe for the gorgeous NARS Superstar. I honestly was shocked by how similar it looked on my nails compared to photos I have seen of the NARS version online. So ladies, if you are makeup obsessed like me and were saddened to have missed out on Superstar, pick up Go Overboard! Not only is the color almost identical, but it is half the price! And as always, the formula and wear of the polish is tried and true Essie quality. 

It makes me so happy to look down at my fingers and see this color. Depending on the lighting it sometimes can appear more navy or deep jewel-toned teal. Go Overboard is a fun color, but it is still subdued and appropriate enough to wear to the office. Also, it gives a little flair to my standard Fall wardrobe of cozy knits, black leggings and boots. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I already follow you :) www.imitationisthegreatestformofflattery.blogspot.co.uk and love your blog haha - cute pictures x

  2. Such a cute color. I had been eyeing that same Nars polish at my sephora and thought about grabbing it. This would probably be a cheaper and better option! Xx

  3. Such a bold, pretty color. Fantastic :3

    PS: be sure to drop by my new blog c:

  4. Such a pretty colour perfect for Autumn :) xo

  5. That is a really nice nail colour! :)


  6. This color is so pretty! Blue is my favorite color, so I would definitely love to sport this nail polish ;)



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